VL1000 package — $7000
From: tuckersound  |  City: Jacksonville  |  Manufacturer: Vari Lite  |  Posted: Aug 19, 2016




12 Vari-Lite VL 1000 TSD (tungsten lamp, shutters, onboard dimming)

- Some fixtures have missing screws/focus knobs on the lamp housing

- fixtures are terminated with a mix of stage pin and Edison connectors.

- fixtures have always been powered through a power distro not the dimmer rack

- fixtures have ran on 120v their entire life.

***7 fixtures are fully functional.

***5 fixtures have issues, I went through them recently and swapped boards to put the best boards with the most usable fixtures. I did not attempt to fix mechanical issues.
Problems listed below:

~ Fixture 1 - one shutter doesn't fully retract, stops at 20% in (still pretty usable), good dimmer, PSU, logic, no lamp

~ Fixture 2 - pan won't home to the same place, front housing clips are dodgy, good dimmer, PSU, logic, no lamp

***Fixtures 3 and 4 were tested with known good lamps/logic/PSU/dimmer modules to test motors. From there, I loaded whatever boards I had left.

~ Fixture 3 - cyan is stuck fully in and gobo wheel homes between slots, connectors going into the lamp module are charred a bit, logic board display sometimes doesn't work, dimmer module is stuck on, no lamp, good PSU

~ Fixture 4 - cyan is stuck fully in and gobo wheel homes between slots, logic has weak pan drivers, PSU does not output 24v, dimmer module's "load" terminal is missing, the short hot/neutral jumpers between PSU and dimmer module are missing, no lamp

~ Fixture 5 was fine mechanically then stopped working last week so I took it down, I have not had the time to tinker.

- Sell as a package.

- no cases.

- fixtures are sold as is!

- Lamps not guaranteed.

- Clamps not included.

- Local pick up off my loading dock in Jacksonville, Fl.

$7000 for the package. Or Best Offer
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