We have found that actually getting around to listing an item is the biggest hurdle to selling it! By using the LIghtslist APP you can now "LIST ON THE RUN"!
See it on the shelf - open the APP- take a pic with the Iphone - fill in the 4 fields and POW! its listed on the website at www.lightslist.com. Edit, extend, delete at any time from the app or the website! So quit staring at it and promising to sell it. Snap it, List it, Sell it - NOW!

Lightslist - Recycling Lighting!

Listing Tips

We have made listing as simple and quick and painless as possible!

Select a category - choose from the List

Enter product name i.e. Mac 2000, DL3 etc

Enter Manufacturer

Enter Price - there is no need to enter cents - it will default to round numbers

Describe the item as fully as possible. Note age, defects, condition, hours, modifications etc.

The website search will pick up on any word in the listing.

If you put your phone number at Registration - it will show in the posting. Leave it out and it will not show.

Your add will be posted for 30 days. You may renew the listing at any time. Newer listings will show at the top of the page.
You can edit or delete the ad at any time.

You can also post a Joke, funny picture, gig disaster, or  press release. Please keep it harmless!

Please immediately report abuse.