Terms of Use

Pretty much the same terms of use as any other site like Craigs List etc - please read their terms! To save space we will not copy or reproduce them here!

You are responsible for any information that you post on the site. It may be removed at any time by us for any reason.

You must have full ownership of any item you offer for sale and by doing so are holding the buyer harmless for any claims against the items you sell.

You must disclose to the buyer as much detail as possible and provide additional photographs of the items and ensure buyer receives items as described.

Buyer and seller will have no claim whatsoever against Lightslist.com, Lightbroker.com or Towards 2000 Inc

Buy posting or contacting a seller on the website, you are agreeing to the terms above and agreeing to be honest, respectful, courteous, and forthright in all transactions carried out through the website.

Best advice in selling any item is to disclose as many defects, scratches problems as you can - if it arrives in better condition - you will be a saint!

Thank You!